Start building: 2017

Noble look

Lively day-to-day Warsaw hides surprising, atmospheric, and inspiring places. One of them is located in Włochy district where you can find the majestic Willa Generała (General’s Villa) surrounded by calmness and nature.

Włochy district

Włochy is a suburban district surrounding Warsaw Chopin Airport. Numerous inexpensive hotels are waiting here for travellers from all over the world. There are various outlet malls but also furniture and homeware shops and a shopping centre Łopuszańska 22 where you can find mid-range clothing brands.



Remembering war

It is a residence that mingles old and new features: the beauty of old-time construction and modern practicality. Stylish elevation and neo-classicistic architecture make it a jewel among the near buildings.

Charming place

This building that remembers pre-war times comprises two completely autonomous and spacious apartments. One of them is about 180 m2 and consists of three rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen; the other one is about 290 m2 and consists of five rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen.

The two apartments can be easily transformed into one, and they will not lose the character of their interiors. What can be done next, is individual arrangement and design that reflect the spirit of a new resident.